Necessary Extras

Once you have taken care of your wedding invitation and envelopes, you may have fallen in love with calligraphy! There are many ways to incorporate this beautiful art into your event and life beyond that.
If you plan to have seated wedding reception or rehearsal dinner, as opposed to a buffet, you will need place cards or escort cards, as you guests need to know where to sit. Adding a menu will tell you guests what to expect, and calligraphy will add some special spice to the menu.

After the wedding you will need note cards with your new name on it to announce it to the world, and thank the generous givers in style.

Or better yet, have a monogram designed with your initials, which could become your signature sign of sort, and could also be embroidered on napkins and towels, or engraved into your silverware. You can use your monogram over and over for decades, as long as your name remains the same, so it is a remarkably good investment.

Do you know that paper is the traditional gift for the first wedding anniversary? What better gift to your husband, wife - or to the happy couple from their parents- than their favorite poem or quote written on paper, to be framed. What about a couple that has reached their third anniversary, when leather is the traditional gift to give? By an ancient technique, leather can be turned into beautiful lettering surface called vellum. Owning a piece of writing on vellum is a real treat and luxury. Please call to inquire about prices and sizes.

And please do not forget me when you have been given the most precious gift of all – a baby. Ask me about birth announcements, shower invitations, etc.

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