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The following variety of creations in calligraphy, design and illustration, is certainly where my passion for lettering becomes most visible. It is not entirely related to my wedding work, so take a look. Created over the past several years, those are various commissions, "schoolwork" for master classes, and personal expressions of strong desire to create and communicate with the world. This is the work that gives me freedom and satisfaction, at the end of the day, when all tasks are done.

The ancient Chinese said: There are only three Arts: poetry, calligraphy and drawing. Many of these artworks contain all three, even if the verses are not mine. Some are in my native language, estonian, illegible in some cases, some in latin. Consider this lettering as my way to create order in our chaotic world of sprawling technology. To letter is to be human. All letters are signs, and all signs are pictures, therefore art and alphabet should never be considered separate. Author's words are transformed into rhythm, movement, and music. My art philosophy is simple: strict order of letterforms, strong historic influence, legibility, and even, pleasing flow of the text on page. Good variety of classic calligraphic hands. Sensible and practical layout, nothing too complicated.

It is easy to notice that my true love and specialty is working on calfskin vellum, or on light or colored goat parchment. This is a satisfying, live surface that is art in itself. It has been used for millenia, well before paper was invented. It is historic and sustainable, no animal suffers for the purpose of parchment, on the contrary, the art created on skin honors their past lives. There are very few artists left in the world that bother with real vellum any more, but I love its life and warmth. Embellishing with true gold leaf is my other specialty, and nothing compares to its rare real glow. Certainly, I also work on paper with simple ink, but even then I prefer the rare and the handmade. I provide all the materials.

How special would it be to become a patron of this ancient craft! Clasping hands with your special someone through the most essential development of humankind - lettering. Needless to say, there is no more meaningful gift than a message turned into that kind of art. Be it something simple or embellished, poem or a quote, it is not an obvious choice, but an unforgettable, rewarding one.

If you have a dream or a vision I may help you conquer with my art and calligraphy please contact me.

The artwork above is watermarked electronically on the website for copyright purposes. The watermarks do not appear on originals and are not part of design.

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